Bail Bonds

The bail bonds process can seem like a tough thing to people who find themselves dealing with an arrest
But bail is actually designed to protect those who have been arrested or detained
Bail bonds and bondsmen aren’t used in every state
Some form of bail exists, however, in all parts of the U
Bail Info (Applies Nationwide)Bail bonds are actually designed to help those who have been arrested and held in a police station or some legal holding facility
Judges often set bail amounts to pretty standard levels based on similar cases that have happened before
But they are legally allowed to fluctuate bail amounts from the norm in certain circumstances, depending on the case
This usually happens only in cases of particular prominence
The bail bonds company gets to keep their fee, and all financial responsibilities are forgiven by the courts if the defendant makes it to all his scheduled appearances
Los Angeles Bail Process – Bail works the same in Los Angeles as it does throughout California
More than 350 adults were arrested per day in 2010, according to the LACSD Crime and Arrest Statistics Report
In most of these cases, bail bonds get posted at local stations and those arrested do not ever see the inside of a county jail
If they are transferred to a county jail, a bail bondsman can meet them there
In LA County, this usually means the Los Angeles County Jail (The Twin Towers,) or the LA County Jail at the Van Nuys Courthouse
Bail Bonds in Van Nuys – No matter what type of holding facility a suspect is at, the bail bonds process will remain the same
Bail bonds agents have to go through a paperwork process to post an official bond
Once done, suspects are allowed to go free until their scheduled court dates
After that, all bail monies, other than a 10% fee to the bail bondsman, are excused by the courts as long as the arrestee appears at all their scheduled court dates
This allows a suspect to go on with their lives and normal work schedules, without unfair penalties related to the arrest
There are numerous reasons why one might be arrested and find themselves in the position to hire a Vista bail bondsman
Fortunately, San Diego County has many reputable bail bonds companies available to help you during this stressful and perhaps embarrassing time
This type of situation may require the help of a bail bonds company to ensure a prompt release from the Vista jail
Each bail company may offer a variety of services and features; however, knowing what which aspects are important to you should be pertinent when seeking assistance, direction or advice
A great bail bonds company should be available to answer any question you may have, as well as be willing to spend all the time you need to ensure all your questions are answered
Furthermore, they should be able to walk you through, step-by-step, the entire process of bail and fully explain jail release expectations
The experience and knowledge that a bail company can offer can be quite an asset
When hiring a Vista bondsman, looking at the experience of the company, how big of a business it is, and their availability are all very important considerations
You might assume that a larger company may imply that they have more experience than a small Vista bail bonds business
It’s important to know that large companies hire many “front line” employees that have little expertise in bail – they are simply order takers, akin to a teller in a bank
You wouldn’t expect a teller to give you financial advice
You might find more flexibility as well as more longevity in an independent bondsman with years of personal experience dealing with the Vista jail and meeting the needs of individuals
Take your time and research the bondsman you are considering doing business with
How many times have they dealt with the Vista jail
You want to know that in the long run you will be taken care of in a confidential, ethical and respected manner
In San Diego County and throughout the state of California, it
s important to understand that a bail bonds company will generally charge a 10% non-refundable fee for exchange of their services
This 10% fee is regulated by the California Department of Insurance
When it comes to fees, you are getting the same from any bondsman
The differences will be in how you can pay and the level of service
Many bail companies require full payment in advance of posting pail
If you need a payment plan, be sure to find a bondsman who can accommodate you
Bail bonds companies may accept different payment methods
Be sure you address this thoroughly before committing to a bondsman
If you need bail bonds for the Vista jail, do your research and make sure you
Tonya Page Bail Bonds serves all jails in California
Tonya and her husband, Greg, of Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds, are licensed bondsmen helping families that are in an urgent time of need
If you need bail bonds for the Vista Jail, they can help you
But while these shows make for good entertainment, they hardly reveal what life is like for genuine bondsman
While bail bondsmen take into custody bail captains each day, conflicts as dramatic as those shown on TELEVISION are few and far between
Still, nabbing unforeseeable fugitives must be a harmful job, and bondsman should take proper preventative measures
When a defendant is detained and is incapable to afford the bail quantity set by the judge, he normally provides a bondsman a call
After security is agreed upon and the documents is signed, the bondsman provides the bail cash and the defendant goes cost-free
The bail bondsman then ensures that the defendant reveals up in court
Most of the time, everything goes as planned; however, there are also times when the defendant skips out on bail hearings, and the bail bondsman have to seize the “skip” and take him back to prison
Though these conflicts generally aren’t intense, some bondsman hold firearms as an extra safety measure
A typical concern asked of knowledgeable bondsman is whether becoming a bondsman guarantees you get to carry a gun
Exactly what many individuals don’t realize is that bail bondsmen undergo the exact same guidelines and policies as regular locals
They are not permitted carry firearms unless they have a correct license provided by the state in which they live
The guidelines and laws regarding weapons vary from state to state
Though bondsman are allowed to hold weapons and are permitted to capture suspects, they still have to comply with the same guns statutes that routine citizens are anticipated to follow
In addition to going through certification and training in order to carry a gun, bail bondsmen must pass criminal background checks
If they have prior convictions, they are not allowed to carry guns
Recently, a bail bondsman in Maryland was arrested for having a
Because of a prior theft conviction, he was prohibited from carrying a handgun
A bondsman must recognize not just with the laws regarding weapons, but with laws concerning arrest and detention of suspects as well
If a bail bondsman utilizes unnecessary, excessive force when nabbing a defendant, or arrests the wrong individual, he faces prospective claims and even criminal charges
Though the circumstances are couple of, there are times when bail bondsmen encounter harmful “skips” who do not wish to be apprehended
In such scenarios, when a bail bondman’s life is on the line, the question emerges: When is it fine for a bail bondsman to fire a weapon in defense
In 2008, a Washington man who skipped bail on several outstanding criminal charges was confronted by four bonds agents
The suspect backed his car into one of the agents and the agent, fearing for his life, fatally shot the man
They know that backup is essential, as even one violent incident with a skip can be one too many
David Viele, a 10-year bail bonds veteran, says that although he holds a weapon, he’s never ever needed to use it, since in the majority of cases, the suspect surrenders
So while the tasks of real bondsman aren’t the dramatization played out on reality TELEVISION, a bondsman’s task can be hazardous and unpredictable
However, bondsman understand they are subject to the same firearm laws as routine locals
For this reason, they are required to undergo firearms training prior to becoming a bail bondsman, and they are held responsible for the method they use their weapons
Article Source: Nowak is the president of Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Salt Lake City, UT
He and the other agents work hard to ensure that nobody spends more time in jail than absolutely necessary
For more information, please visit badboysbailbondsutah
The field of bail bonds is often times foreign for people who have never needed to work with an bail bondsman
People frequently wonder what qualifications a person must have in order to work in the industry and whether it has any oversight
The California bail industry is regulated by the State Department of Insurance
This means that anyone who wishes to post, sell, and provide bail bonds services must go through a training program and pass a stringent background test prior to receiving their license
Bail bonds are basically insurance policies that promise a defendant, after they are released from jail, will return to court when required in order to have their case resolved
Bondsmen assume a liability every time they bail someone out of jail and this is why they charge a premium for the service they provide
In California, the legal rate to charge for a bail bond is 10% of the total amount of a defendant’s bail
That rate is set by the Department of Insurance and it is the industry standard
If you need assistance in helping get a friend or loved one released from jail and you see an advertisement for 2% or 5% bail bonds, beware
Companies that advertise these lower rates are either using deceptive ‘bait and switch’ marketing tactics or they may even be operating outside of the law
Many bail bonds companies operate 24-hours a day, 365-days a year and can assist their clients with having a bond posted at any time, day or night
Some bondsmen even offer their clients the option of filling out their paperwork via phone and fax
Flexible payment plans are frequently available to those who qualify and some companies extend zero-percent bail bonds financing terms to their clients
Prior to deciding which company to work with you should make sure they are able to assist you in a way that’s compassionate, convenient, and works within your budget parameters
If you have further questions about how bail works and how to get someone out of jail fast, be sure to ask the bondsman you’re speaking with to help you fully understand the process
Events proceeded on February 7, 2010, purportedly through a bond transaction for $3,000, albeit bond was listed as $0
In fact, later searches in the respective court files failed to discover any valid warrant at all
For the next eight hours such persons kept Dr Zernik in handcuffs
Dr Zernik was subsequently held for hours in Southgate, California, while attempts were made to extort moneys out of him
Dr Zernik was then transported back to Southgate, and again, he was extorted for moneys, which he again refused to pay
All such events were covered up in false records created by the Sheriff’s Department in its online Inmate Information Center
On February 24, 2010 Los Angeles County Ombudsman Stephanie Maxberry confirmed receipt of Dr Zernik’s complaints against the Sheriff’s Department and its operations
The position of the Los Angeles County justice system, as articulated by a well-connected source was that “computer systems, by their nature, do not lend themselves to validation”
Dr Zernik claimed that there was nothing further from the truth
Computer systems were amenable to highly secure methods of validation, much better than any comparable paper-based system
Likewise, the failure and refusal of the Los Angeles Superior Court to publish audited financial statements remained inexplicable
Los Angeles County agencies claimed that they had no authority to examine the computer systems of the Los Angeles Superior Court itself, or to audit the financial conduct of the Court
” [4] The Sentinel had previously reported that former Presiding Judge Michael Welch had been tied to numerous real estate fraud cases
In correspondence with Los Angeles County Supervisors, Dr Zernik stated the key message:
Our right to access public records, our Liberty, and our fundamental Human Rights are all connected at the hips
[1] February 24, 2010 email notice to Los Angeles County Supervisors of complaints filed with Los Angeles County Ombudsman Stephanie Maxberry:
[3] February 24, 2010 Email correspondence with Los Angeles County Ombudsman Stephanie Maxberry and La Verne Police
[4] February 19, 2010 report of an evolving corruption scandal by the San Bernardino Sentinel, headlined – Judges – next logical focus
[5] September 11, 2009 report by the San Bernardino Sentinel tying a Superior Court judge to numerous real estate fraud cases
A bondsman also known as a bail bonds agent is someone who will provide a loan for (be it money or some form of property) as bail for a criminal defendant in court
A bail bond business is typically comprised of individual bondsman that work for or represent a corporation
The bondsmen we are familiar with in the United States are only found within the U
Practicing bounty hunting in most countries has been outlawed as it tends to correspond with what may be considered kidnapping
Bondsman typically require an agreement with the local court systems to provide a blanket bond which pays the bail of the defendant if they do not appear on their assigned court date
In addition to this a bondsman will usually have an agreement with an insurance company, bank, or financial institution to draw on funds outside their normal operating hours
In many states such as California, a bail bonds agent must have a lengthy agreement with the California Department of Insurance to begin their practice
The laws pertaining to bail bond agents vary from state to state within the United States of America
The interest or fees on a loan provided from a bond agent are typically in the range of 10% – 15% of the total bail amount
Some states have a minimum fee that must be paid in the event that a total bail amount percentage does not meet this fee amount provided by the state
In some cases, depending on the bail amount, a bond agent may take collateral or a mortgage (not only pertaining to homes) in order to secure the full legal bond amount issued by the courts
Certain states are integrating a system for the criminal defendant to post a cash bail directly to the court for typically 10% of the full bond amount to circumvent the need for a Bondsman
Bondsmen need to be licensed by the state and sometimes county they practice in since they work closely with law enforcement records and financial institutions
Bail bonds companies are the last people you want to have to call, but when you are in need, you are ready to find out how bail bonds work
Perhaps you’ve been there, the late-night phone call with a family member who has ended up in jail and needs you to bail them out
If you haven’t, you wonder how in the world do you do just that
How do you go about getting your loved one out of jail
You will probably be surprised to find that bail bonds is a regulated industry
In the state of California, the Department of Insurance determines how bail bonds work
While no one ever wants to be in the situation, it’s good to know what to ask in case you do need to call a bail bondsman
The rate they charge is legally mandated state-to-state
The bail bond company will charge their customers 8-15% of their total bail amount depending on the state
Be cautious of anyone offering a “bargain” rate, it could mean they are operating illegally and not a reputable company
When it comes to getting someone out of jail, the only thing a bondsman can control is speed of getting you through the paperwork and payment and taking the bond to the jail
No bondsman can make the jailer let someone out of jail any faster
Most experienced bondsmen should have a pretty accurate time frame of when the defendant should be released
Getting someone out of jail can be a very slow and unpredictable process and being patient during this time is important
The jail facility will always practice safety of the inmates and public first
A professional bail bond company should be able to explain how bail bonds work effortlessly
Here is basically how the bail bond process works:
The bail bondsman will collect some basic and general information regarding the situation in order to assess the risk factor involved in the bond
For example: what jail is the person being held at, what are they charged with, how long have they lived at their current residence, are they employed and if so, where
Customers will need to arrange payment and complete state-required bond documents to include a bail bond application, indemnity agreement and receipt
The bondsman needs to prove to the court that they can find the defendant if necessary
The bond company will then post the bail at the jail and the defendant is released
In California, bail bondsmen are licensed by the California Department of insurance and are the only ones legally allowed to negotiate and post bond
It is highly advisable to only deal with bail bond companies who do have a current and valid license and is in good standing with their license
Ask to see the bail agents identification and license before you give them any money and complete the transaction
What are the responsibilities of the contract signer
An “indemnitor” is someone who has bailed someone out of jail and accepts full responsibility that the defendant shows up to their scheduled court date
If that person fails to appear, then the indemnitor is responsible for helping the bondsman locate them and if they cannot be located, the indemnitor is responsible for the full amount of bail
Most often bail bond issues such as simply missing a court appearance can be taken care of with a phone call
For more information about how bail works please visit
Integrity is an imperative factor in determining a reliable Los Angeles bail bonds agency
What can I expect to pay for a bail bonds agent in LA
California law states that a bail bondsman has to charge 10% of the bail fee set by the court
Any increase or discount to this number is a violation of California
Los Angeles County has a population of approximately 9,818,605 while the City of LA has 3,792,621 people residing in it
Theft and larcenies are the number one crime in the City of Los Angeles with figures exceeding 56,000
This is followed by vehicle thefts, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, rape and murder in the order listed above
With such high crime statistics, the question is raised: how necessary is the bail bonds industry in the City of Los Angeles
Can a bail bondsman offer discounts or coupons for services
The answer to this question is no, offering a discount or coupon on bail bonds services is also illegal in California
In addition to this if a bondsman is offering financing they are mandated to offer this service at 0% interest as defined by the State of California
Should a bondsman be able to help me with the legal process involved in bail
What is the turn around time on securing a defendant
This is a difficult question to answer and there is no set response
A bondsman can provide an estimated time frame based on previous experience, however the process relies on a variety of third party factors and primarily on the judge
s schedule and discretion, so determining an accurate time frame can sometimes be nearly impossible
Ensuring that a bondsman or a bail bonds company has the proper licensing is another key factor in selecting a dependable agency
California law states that a bondsman cannot process or receive a potential customer
Asking a potential bail agency if they are licensed should be one of the first steps a customer does when they consider a company
In a metropolitan city such as Los Angeles there are a lot of competing bail bonds companies that are trying to attract business
Although this is a healthy competitive industry there are also fraudulent companies that may be trying to make a quick buck
Understand the correct course of action, process, and legislation for the bail bonds industry is key to selecting a reliable bondsman in LA County
If an offer sounds too good to be true, or a bondsman is too push in attempting to acquire your business there may be some ulterior motives driving this behavior
Working with a shady or illegal bonds company in the attempt to receive a better rate is only taking a step deeper in the legal troubles that an individual is attempting to resolve
Educating yourself on any industry before making a purchase or commitment will always increase your chances of receiving the best quality services
Although bail and bail bonds exist in all fifty states, each state has its own set of laws, statutes and licensing requirements
In the state of California there are two entities that set bail bond laws and regulations: California Insurance Department and California Penal Code
In essence, California Insurance Department licenses and regulates bail bond agents, while the California Penal Codes sets forth all of the laws allowing and governing the use of bail
Bail is an amount of money set by the presiding court or magistrate to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court to face legal proceedings for the crimes charged
The amount of bail charged will vary greatly depending on the crime, prior convictions and flight risk of the defendant
Some charges such as capital offenses are ineligible for bail
Under California law, all misdemeanors are eligible for bail
Regardless of whether the person charged is ultimately found guilty or innocent, the amount of the bail paid is refunded by the courts at the conclusion of the legal proceedings
Failure of the defendant to appear in court on scheduled dates results in issuance of a warrant for arrest and forfeiture of the bond amount to the state of California
On the other side of the coin, the courts whose job it is to enforce and administer the law need some guarantee that the accused will be present in court to face charges and provide a defense
Hence the bail schedule is set to reflect that balance between the risk of harm to society due to the nature of the crime and the individual’s legal rights
However it is up to the discretion of the court to determine the bail amount using the bail schedule set by county of the court as only a form of guidance
In those cases where a defendant cannot make bail, he or she can make use of bail bondsman or agency to post bail
A bail bondsman is an essence an insurance agent that covers the cost of a defendant’s bail for a set fee
He or she is insuring that the defendant will appear in court to face due process related to the charges filed
The set fee in the state of California is 10% percent but can be lower or higher depending on the bail bondsman
A bail bonds is also sometimes referred to as a surety bond especially in those cases that involve the use of collateral to secure payment of the bond amount
Not all bail agents accept collateral for payment of the 10% fee
Some agents will offer payment plans that involve an agreed upon schedule for fee payment
Finding out that someone you love is in jail is one of the most shocking things that can happen to you
You’re never really prepared for this kind of phone call, but if you ever receive it, it’s important that you keep calm and know what to do
Your first step needs to be to reach out and contact a bail bondsman with experience getting bail bonds for people throughout Southern California
Experience matters when it comes to selecting a bail bondsman
That’s why so many people have turned to Escape Bail Bonds for their bail bonds over the years
The company has earned a reputation for treating their customers with respect and getting loved ones out of jail and back home as quickly as possible
With more than 13 years of experience in Southern California, the bail bond agents at Escape Bail Bonds know how to get bail bonds quickly, even if it’s late at night and you need 24 hr
And with new offices in Beverly Hills and Hollywood to go along with their flagship North Hollywood location, it’s easier than ever to get help at any time at one of the company’s offices
So why is experience so important when it comes to bail bonds
Understanding Local Legal Systems: In order to get the bail process started, a bail bondsman has to know where to go and what they need to do
Southern California is made up of many different cities, each with their own jail and court system
Experienced bail bondsmen like the men and women at Escape Bail Bonds can cut through the red tape whether you need Orange County bail bonds or Santa Clarita bail bonds
Treating Clients With Respect: Experienced bail bondsmen know that it’s important to treat clients with respect
They are in a difficult situation and it would be easy to take advantage of them by charging outrageous rates or not catering to their needs
Businesses that last for years do so because they choose to handle their clients respectfully, earning their trust and good word-of-mouth that can lead to new business
Getting the Job Done Right: Bail bondsmen who have been working in one area for years can only keep their businesses thriving if they are providing quality services
The fact that Escape Bail Bonds has recently opened up two new locations only proves that they are one of the leading bail bond companies in Southern California
Escape Bail Bonds has years of experience providing bail bonds to residents throughout Southern California
The company is known for its professional service, attention to detail and knowledge of the local court system
They have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality bail bond services
If you have been arrested for a crime and bail has been set you have the option of paying your bail and being free from custody until your mandatory court dates
Many people prefer this option as it means they don’t have to stay in jail for an extended period of time
However bail is usually quite expensive and many people simply do not have the funds to cover the cost of bail
If you are in this type of situation you do have another option, this is to call a licensed bailbond professional to come in and help you
These professionals will pay your bond for you in exchange for collateral so you can go free
However in order to make sure you get the professional and curteous help that you are looking for you will need to turn to the right bailbond professional
If you live in the greater Los Angeles, California area then you may, like many people want to turn to the California experts at Absolute Bail Bond
The professionals at Absolute Bail Bond have been serving the residents of California for many years and have helped many people post bail and get the freedom they deserve before their court case
They are the go to bailbond office in California for a number of reasons
First, they provide 24 hour emergency services to any jail or any court
This means no matter where you are or what time it is they have someone to come out and help you to post bail so you can be on your way
They also work hard to develop easy payment plans for their services
Also, they don’t always required collateral depending on the individual situation
This California bailbond company is so dedicated to helping individuals who need their assistance that they always provide the quickest service possible
Additionally they have several offices in the state of California to better serve more individuals in all different areas of the state
They also offer their services in Spanish for those who do not speak English
This is a professional bailbond company that will always do things legally and always keep all of your information private and confidential
This means that they do not deposit money toward the defendant for referring business, take bribes, give you an attorney or negotiate bail bonds before a crime has taken place
They simply offer quality, professional legal bailbond help to those who need it
There are many people who find themselves arrested for a crime and unable to pay bail
In these situations they can simply call the bailbond experts at Absolute Bail Bonds to get the help they need to quickly post their bail
The bail bond process can be complicated, and the added stress of being under the scrutiny of the law does not make it any easier to comprehend the bail bond process
When a person is arrested in Southern California, he or she is typically taken to a local Southern California law enforcement station
In this way, bail is just another term for collateral
The defendant is allowed to go free, but must appear in court for his or her trail in order to recollect his or her collateral
Once bail is set, a defendant has five bail bond options
For lesser crimes, defendants may be let out on their Own Recognizance (OR), which means they simple sign a document promising to appear in court, and are free to go
Property bonds involve putting a piece of property that the defendant owns up for collateral
In the case that the defendant does not appear in court, the defendant would lose that piece of property to foreclosure
However, this process can take several weeks to go through (during which time the defendant must remain detained)
For a small bail amount, the defendant may pail the bail himself or herself
The cash will be refunded in full once the case is settled
The fourth option for release is a Citation Release, or Cite Out
In this case, the person is simply notified that he or she must appear in court via a citation
This is used for minor arrests, such as traffic violations
The final option for release is a bail bond, or surety bond
In this case, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds is called by a friend, relative, or attorney once the individual has been arrested
Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds will walk the defendant through the bail bond process of applying for and agreeing to a bail bond, and then we will post the bail in full on the defendant’s behalf
We can usually complete this process in one to two hours
For our services, we typically charge a fee worth 10% of the total bond, which is mandated by state law
If you find a company offering less than 10%, this is your indication that the company is a scam and operating outside the law
We will work with you to ensure that you can pay your fee to us, and we even offer free financing services to our customers
In order to for us to get our money back, the defendant must appear in court
We are also allowed to track down and find defendants who fail to appear in court
Once the defendant appears in court, our bail is returned, and the defendant must only pay the 10% fee we are owed
If you have any questions about the bail bonds process, or if you are in need of a Southern California bail bond, call Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds at 888-BAIL-BOND today
We would be happy to answer all your questions and assist you with any booking or bail needs
For more information about bail bonds process please visit on


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