OC Jails

The first thing we want to do when we unexpectedly land in a jail is get out of there
Bails are the only instruments that you can use to get out of a jail even before the courts hear your case
Bail is generally a cash, bond, or property that an arrested person submits to a court as an assurance to appear before it whenever required
If the accused doesn’t show up, the court keeps the bail and issues a warrant for the defendant’s arrest
When it is difficult to find a surety you can look for bailbond agents
Bailbond agents aid in securing your bail in return of a service charge
Normally they do no not take more than a couple of hours to secure your freedom
These agents have a wide network area of operating
They do not restrict themselves to one city and mostly cover all the cities in a county
For example, all the cities such as Santa Ana, Whittier, Huntington Beach, and so on under Orange County Bail Bonds might be covered by a single agent
Normally, people convicted of a misdemeanor are taken into custody and placed in a jail
They are placed in the jail until the court hearing or bail is obtained
The arrested person can serve time in a city jail and do not have to go to the county jail
This decision is based on the severity of the misdemeanor and the discretion of the judge
The city jails are smaller, cleaner, and less crowded
For example, a small time misdemeanor can be served in the city jail of Anaheim itself, the accused does not have to be taken to the Orange County jail
Bailbond agents are exclusively found only in US and Philippines as bounty hunting is deemed illegal in other countries
You don’t have to wait till an arrest happens to secure a bond
For example, if you get a warrant and you are in need of a bail bond in Whittier, you can get in touch with any good bail bond companies in that area
They would arrange for a bond on your warrant and get a court date without any arrest having to take place
The first thing that we are desperate about when we land in a jail is how to get out of there
Bails are the only means to get out even before the courts hear your case
Bail is a cash, bond, or property that an arrested person produces to a court as a promise that he or she will appear in court whenever ordered
If the accused doesn’t show up, the court keeps the bail and issues a warrant for the defendant’s arrest
While it is easy to find sureties in other form of contracts, it is difficult to find a surety for securing a bail as the risks of getting involved with criminals is huge
If you are unable to find a surety, you can approach bailbond agents
Bailbond agents are companies who help in securing bail for the arrested
In most cases, bailbond agents can service a bail within few hours
These agents have a wide network area of operating
One agent might cover all the cities falling under one county
For example, all the cities such as Downey, Lancaster, Norwalk, and so on under Los Angeles (LA) County might be covered by a single agent
These agents also cover multiple counties at times
People convicted of a misdemeanor are arrested and placed in a jail until the court hearing or bail is obtained
The arrested person does not have to necessarily serve time in a county jail
They can serve the time in the city jail too depending on the severity of the misdemeanor and the discretion of the judge
The city jails are smaller, cleaner, and less crowded
For example, a small time misdemeanor can be served in the city jail of Montebello Bail Bonds itself, the accused does not have to be taken to the Los Angeles County jail
Bailbond agents are very typical to US and Philippines as bounty hunting is illegal in other countries
You dont have to look for a good agent in your city alone
For example, if you are in need of a bail in Long Beach, you can look for good agents in neighboring cities such as Manhattan Beach, Carson, Glendale, Pico Rivera, and so on
To secure a bail, you dont have to wait till an arrest happens
For example, if you get a warrant in Bell bail bonds you can get in touch with any bail bond companies in that area
They would arrange for a bond on your warrant and get a court date without any arrest having to take place
Over the years, criminals who committed serious felonies in California were housed in state prisons
Supreme Court ruled that the state must reduce its prison inmate population by 30,000
Starting October 1, 2011, a new realignment will be underway in the California prison system which will have an impact on all counties, especially Orange County
The realignment plan will mean more felons being housed in county jails for the duration of their sentences instead of being sent to state prisons
According to the new legislation, prisoners who are sentenced to less than three years will serve their time in county jail
Supreme Court’s decision comes after it was determined that the severe overcrowding in California state prisons was cruel and unusual punishment and violated prisoners’ rights
Sex offenders and violent criminals will not be transferred into county jails
Those who have been convicted of lesser crimes, such as burglary, drug sale and possession and grand theft will be among those who are sent to county detention facilities
In Orange County, it is estimated that 1,460 inmates who would have been sent to a state prison will now be remaining in the county jail for the first year
Parole violators will also no longer be sent to state prison but will serve time at the county jail
This could be anywhere from a ten day “flash incarceration” to six months, depending on the severity of the violation
The realignment does not mean that Orange County will see a flood of state prisoners right away
Judges will instead alter their sentencing procedures which will result in a steady dribble of prisoners to the county facilities
The Orange County Theo Lacy Jail will probably be impacted most by realignment
It is the largest of the county’s detention centers and has the structure needed to deal with state prisoners
The deputies overseeing the jail will require more training in order to be better prepared for the more serious inmates that will be housed there
With this influx of more serious offenders and lengthier sentences being served in the jail, there is concern that the culture inside of the county jail could alter for the worse
It has also been discovered that the Mexican Mafia has had influence in county jails
The Orange County corrections facilities have a very low ratio of deputies to inmates in the nation, approximately 1:50
New classes are underway at the academy with most deputies beginning their careers in the county detention centers
Commonly, the filing mechanisms for Chapter seven bankruptcy will take about 6 months in nearly all states
Though you will be granted to keep most of your assets, several other property may well be disposed of to solve some monetary obligations or perhaps retire several outstanding credit card debts
These two plans are portion of the personal bankruptcy code in very considerably all states, that are meant to support you in securing important property from lenders as effectively as foreclosures
Normally, this operates best for a certain class of debtors
Very first, given that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is manufactured to eradicate unsecured debts, it greatest suits people debtors with plenty of unsecured credit card debt
In addition, it does greatest for all those that have minimal attributes but still wanting to keep a variety of crucial homes like a vehicle, a property, to point out but a several
The protections presented underneath Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy are almost nothing new
Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been in existence for a prolonged, very long time
Nonetheless, in latest decades, more and a lot more people today are turning out to be knowledgeable of its existence and, much more importantly, its protections
Why has there been these an elevated consciousness on the issue
Regrettably, more and additional individuals are wishing to learn about about Chapter 7 simply because they might be in dire want of its protections
Orange County is really a condition that’s designed for motorcycles
The elements is ideal for them, the landscape is beautiful and the price of fuel makes them automobiles the transportation option for 1000’s of individuals
Below is an introduction to Orange County slip and fall accidents and just how you’ll find experienced motorcycle injuries lawyers
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The Supreme Court found that overcrowding in jails is a violation of the Constitutional rights of prisoners
AB 109 proposes a prison realignment, to solve the Supreme Court’s mandate and to reduce state costs to incarcerate prisoners
Since 10% of California’s budget goes to pay for its prison system, the idea is that AB 109 will free up billions in the state budget
But does it really do that, or does it just shift the burden to an already overcrowded jail system
Shifting prisoners from overcrowded state prisons saves the state money, but that does not mean jails will not become overcrowded
Furthermore, AB 109 does not guarantee funding for county jails that will receive more state prisoners
Many county jails already face court orders to relieve overcrowding
The influx of additional state inmates with no guarantee of long-term funding to build and support additional capacity will only intensify the problem
Surety bail preserves constitutional rights, and doesn’t cost taxpayers a dime
AB 109 does allow counties to use more options in place of jail to prevent criminals from going into correctional facilities in the first place
Community based programs to stabilize low level offenders and keep them engaged, employed and out of jail are cheaper than prison
The intent of community based programs is to reduce recidivism and future correctional costs
For non-violent criminals, home detention under the supervision of a probation officer is also an option
AB 109 gives correctional administrators the option to sentence prisoners to home detention
Those in home detention must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet
Failure to follow all rules and restrictions in the home detention program result in the criminal being charged with a new misdemeanor
Violators will go back to county jail, not state prison, regardless of where their prior prison sentence was served
Shifting prisoners from state to county jails will also increase the burden on local law enforcement
Relieving overcrowding in prisons due to AB 109 will also overload local law enforcement that isn’t as well trained or equipped to handle the increased load
California has already found that the cost savings effort of free pre-trial release has failed
Pretrial Services cost Sacramento County $3 million and neither reduced criminal offenses or incarceration rates
Those released on their recognizance without paying bail are twice as likely to skip court
The initial data indicates that they are also more likely to commit new crimes, since they did not serve time right after their crime while awaiting trial
The surety bail system requires personal responsibility and financial liability
When someone on bail then skips bail, criminals are then apprehended by bail bondmen, relieving law enforcement of this duty
And because the court system collects bail from prisoners in exchange for release, it gains revenue to offset their incarceration
Friends and family who lose bail money on someone will not pay it again
An offender who skips bail and knows he or she will never be bailed out again is less willing to commit another offense
Find out more about the history of bail at Orange County Bail Bonds, a family owned and operated business since 1963
Orange County Bail Bonds has provided fast and discreet bail bonds service for California, Santa Ana bail bonds
child care or an elderly parent, house arrest may be something you should request as an alternative to jail
House arrest is specifically provided for at Penal Code § 1203
House arrest is restricted to those who are low risk, meaning non-violent, minimum security and usually first-time offenders
The judge must approve it, as must the probation department (it is considered a term of probation), so the request is often denied
In our experience, we have had house arrest approved for clients charged with theft crimes and even sex offenses
Those who ask for and are allowed house arrest are then fitted with some form of electronic monitoring device
Often, the individual is allowed to travel from home to work or school, so there is the potential for the abuse of such privileges
When this is permitted, the individual is fitted with a GPS (Global Positioning System) device that transmits data twenty-four hours a day concerning one’s location
Travel to one’s AA meetings, medical appointments, day care for one’s children, community service and court is also usually permitted, although closely watched
However, in Orange County there are programs that do allow reduced fees based on capacity to pay
In Los Angeles County, as of September, 2012, the approximate “set-up” fee is $125, and then approximately $35 per day thereafter
A second way that probation can monitor one’s activity is through a SCRAM device
SCRAM stands for secure continuous remote alcohol monitor
Likewise, the probation department can fit an individual, as a condition of house arrest, with a drug patch to allow random testing of the individual’s drug use
Such patches record marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and PCP use
The probation department will typically test such a patch once a week
There are certainly some disadvantages to house arrest
” This means that if one’s sentence is 120 days of county jail, but house arrest is permitted, the duration of the house arrest will be the full 120 days and no less
Consequently, some prosecutors have commented to our office that house arrest generally is only feasible as an alternative to short county jail sentences of ninety days or less
Often, the main reason one seeks house arrest is to maintain employment
With house arrest, the individual will work from home
While doing such work, the individual may be subjected to random visits from the probation department, which can interrupt a conference call at work and prove to be very embarrassing
Greg Hill is a criminal defense attorney in Torrance, California
Visit his firm’s website at or call him at (310) 782-2500
Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the United States and the largest in California and the Western states
8 million it is the 14th largest city in the world and covers an area of 498 square miles
Los Angele is ranked as the fourth largest economy in the United States compared to other states and the 18th largest economy in the world
That’s a lot of money and people, so it’s no wonder that in the television series Dragnet, the LA Police Department had plenty work for Sgt
Joe Friday tracking down and arresting criminals in the City of Angels, LA
The story lines in the Dragnet series were based on real stories about crime in LA except as the show’s tagline stated the names and locations were changed to protect the innocent
Those arrested and detained in Los – Angeles will most likely end up in the Los – Angeles County Jail System which is the largest jail system in the free world
The Los Angeles Jail System is comprised of several large centers housing approximately 20,000 detainees
The Men’s Central Jail which is located just north of downtown LA and currently houses an average of 5,000 detainees
Its primary purpose is to provide security for sentenced and high security, pre-trial inmates
The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department which runs the Los Angeles Jails is the largest sheriff’s department in the United States with over 16,000 employees
But as in another famous television series based in Los Angeles, Perry Mason, those charged with a crime are “innocent until proven guilty” and entitled to defend themselves in a court of law
In that TV show, the world’s most famous fictional criminal defense attorney, Perry Mason, was often able to prove the innocence of the accused in a jury of his or her peers
Also in most cases, those charged with a crime are also eligible for bail which means they do not have to be incarcerated in the Los Angeles Jail System prior to going to court
Under the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution, citizens have a constitutional right to reasonable bail
A bail bondsman is a person that basically works for an insurance company and will post a surety bond for your bail
A person charged and arrested can either post the entire bail or through a bondsman who usually charges a 10 percent fee
Posting bail is the defendants or arrestees promise to appear in a court of law to face charges, make a plea and appear at all court dates ordered by the Judge
Hence the bail schedule is set to reflect that balance between the risk of harm to society due to the nature of the crime and the individual’s legal rights
The bail process allows someone who has been arrested to remain free by paying a fee to the court
Unlike the television series Dragnet and Perry Mason, getting arrested is very real and regardless of the charge can prove to be a very challenging time in a person’s life
If you are arrested in LA, find a reputable bail bonds company in Los Angeles that can assist you in leading a normal life until your day in court
The LAPD began construction of the new 172,000 square-foot Metropolitan Detention Center four years ago with $70-million in public funds
The Los Angeles Police Department is still using the run-down and overpopulated Parker Center jail located in downtown LA
Due to the lack of funds, they are unable to hire jailers to run this five-floor structure, which is one of the largest structures of its kind
The new Metropolitan Detention Center is equipped with surveillance equipment, automatic doors, and electronic fingerprinting stations
In order to provide greater monitoring of inmates and to securely decrease overpopulation of the jail, it is split into several wings with skylights and centralized air conditioning
They even installed sound-dampening panels from the ceiling to ensure the facility is quite
Past studies show that a quite jail is a peaceful jail
With all of this luxurious living, it is unfortunate that there are still no criminals occupying this space
At the beginning of the construction process, police officials never expected the city to be in such a deteriorated financial condition
However, with the need for moving the criminals from the overcrowded jail to the new facility, department heads are trying to find alternatives
Unfortunately, according to police officials, none of the plans are appealing
LAPD Commander, Scoot Kroeber, addressed these issues in a briefing with the City Council’s Public Safety Committee last week saying, “These options are not good options
” He later stated, “These are going to be difficult times
Around 120,000 people are arrested and booked annually in Los Angeles, and jails are the half-way spot where suspects are kept until arraignment
Usually, suspects are kept for a few days, though it may take as long as six days for them to be released during holiday weekends
The LAPD manages 10 jails in the Los Angeles area, only three are large facilities, the remaining seven are inside police stations, which only consist of a few cells
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and his staff had hopes of opening the new jail at the start of next year
If this occurs, 56 of the 100 jailers needed to run the jail would then be available
Unfortunately, the City Council has currently issued a freeze on hiring any new employees, and the 44 jailers still needed for the new jail can’t be hired unless the City Council makes an exception
Even though the combining of jail facilities sounds promising to prospectors, in all actuality, the closures would bring out more than just a financial obligation
The head of the Public Safety Committee, Grieg Smith, stated during the briefing “It’s a lose-lose policy all around
Last year, the LAPD relocated its headquarters to a new facility downtown, but had no choice but to keep its frail central jail in Parker Center open
The jail in Parker Center opened approximately 60 years ago and resembles that of the past
The old facility is showing wear and tear it’s collected over the years of overpopulation
Windows lining the hallways have security screens that are covered in dirt and filth, and their surveillance system is outdated, which only covers a small area of the facility
For the time being, one guard sits in a closet size office to monitor the surveillance screens, two of which are broken and haven’t worked for a long time
One jailer spoke up about the broken screens saying, “We’ve put in requests for them to be fixed, but no one has responded
There is no central air conditioning system in the old jail, so large fans have been placed at the ends of the hallways to circulate the hot California summer air
The ceiling fixtures are dim, and plumbing in the jail is less than functional
The jail was built to hold 151 beds, but due to the high crime incidents, the jail holds 440 beds
Rob Saltzman, a Los Angeles Police Commission member, expressed this situation as “dire


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